Clinical Acupuncture  - Dry Needling

Clinical acupuncture or dry needling is used in conjunction with our osteopathic treatments. Our practitioners will advise accordingly.

What is Dry Needling?

The patient has a small number of very fine needles inserted directly and deep into muscles.

Dry needling provides a fast effective route to pain relief using fine needles inserted into trigger points in muscles. The needles penetrate deep into the muscles to relieve tension and increase blood flow in that particular area. In this insertion, the needles may hit stubborn knots which are inaccessible to massage. And relaxing these knots can release long held pain and referred pain via nerve pathways such as caused by whiplash or tension headaches.

Dry needling is based on modern medical science and practised only by doctors and qualified health practitioners following postgraduate training.

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ADDITIONAL PARKING CAN BE PAID FOR IN THE CLINIC IF YOU ARE RECEIVING A TREATMENT. Unfortunately we dont have this service for studio users at the moment.

We are conveniently based at the Earlham road Co-op shopping complex in between the post Office and Butchers. 1h Free parking is available. Additional time can be purchased at £1.00 per extra hour, just ask your practitioner and they can sort it. Full instructions are well signposted in the car park. Alternatively, free on road parking is available on all surrounding roads.

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